Coronavirus: Update

Regarding the current coronavirus (COVID-19) situation we would like to take this opportunity to assure you that the well-being of our customers and staff members is our highest concern. We are taking every measure to remain working as normal and to our usual high-standard.

We are following government guidelines and ask that customers do not arrange or continue with face-to-face appointments with us if anyone at the property has returned from an area of risk (as categorised by the Government) in the last 14 days, or whether anyone at the property feels they have been exposed in any way to the virus and are showing symptoms of the virus such as a high temperature and a new, continuous cough.

Ken and Chris are currently continuing to visit properties for consultations and surveys, assuming the government-recommended questions have been answered satisfactorily.  So far we are not aware of any reported cases of coronavirus from staff or customers, or any reported incidents, but as always we continue to maintain the highest possible hygiene and service standards.

As precautionary measures, our employees are following government recommendations to ensure the safety of all parties, such as asking certain checklist questions prior to any visit, posting updates on our website, Facebook pages and email correspondence, refraining from handshakes, wearing gloves, washing hands, surfaces and door handles more frequently.

If you wish to arrange a virtual meeting via Whatsapp instead of face-to-face, this can be arranged.

Stay healthy.